Why Us

The word Valleon stems from the Latin "val", meaning strong and worthy; "leon", is the Latin word for lion. The lion, a symbol of strength, integrity, and honor, embodies the spirit of the word Valleon...the spirit of our firm. 

The Valleon Group is one of the largest and most reputable PEO Brokerage Services in the nation. 

"At The Valleon Group, we are committed to living up to the expectations that our name imposes." - Bill Eisenmann

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Client Questions and Answers

What is a PEO? What is Employee Leasing? A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides...



We Provide Our Clients: Improved client cash flow—no large workers’ compensation deposit premiums and no...


Future Clients

Choosing thevalleongroup's small business program eliminates one of the most common dilemmas...

About Us

The founders of The Valleon Group, who remain active within the company today, possess experience equivalent to 136 years in the industry. 

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